Athletes – The Possibility of an Amazing Life
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Are you dissatisfied with your performance? Have you gotten injured lately or are you just not performing well despite the fact that you are completely recovered?  What about consistently performing well?  Is your golf game great on Monday but horrible on Tuesday?  What about the top? Do you never quite make it to the top?

High performing athletes or anyone playing competitive sports need a combination of mental, physical and skills-based training.  All three of these areas can be trained. Yet the research and our own experience show that the vast majority of athletes and coaches under-train the mental game.  This leads to lower levels of performance because of:

  • Inconsistency
  • Inability to handle failure or stress
  • Academic or external issues
  • Lack of motivation

When things are not going well, it is difficult for athletes to stay rooted in a positive vision. Imagine a successful football team going down the tubes once the other team scored against them. Think about a golfer who is inconsistent with his score.  And what about an athlete who wants to come back from injury? These are moments when NEC can be very beneficial.

Using muscle testing, Barbara will check your belief system and vet it against your goals.  Once your inner saboteur and inner critic have been quieted and been converted to your biggest cheer leader, you have a better chance of executing your behaviors and staying in your positive vision they have around winning.

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