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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Many of us have been dealing with stress, illness and health challenges for as long as we can remember: anxiety, depression, cancer, infertility, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, fatigue, digestion issues, and so on. At the same time, we have been looking for solutions to successfully deal with these challenges – often successfully, but in many cases, our efforts have been unsuccessful or frustrating.

If you are struggling with a physical issue and have been unable to resolve it successfully, consider that it not just a physical issue.  There may be other things going on with you that can either make it better or keep it in place – especially mentally or emotionally.

I believe that your energy is often the deciding factor in a successful healing journey.  This energy flows through you and extends to fields all around you.  You may want to think about it in terms of a field. Your energy field interconnects with meridians (energy channels in the body) as well as with energy centers (chakras), which are located in all organs, joints and areas where many nerves come together.  Much of this has been researched by scientists. For example Dr. Voll scientifically verified the existence of meridians – something that was discovered 5,000 years ago by the Yellow Emperor (the man who invented acupuncture).  In any case, these all play a role in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being, and any presence of energy disturbance may relate to a variety of issues such as pain, sadness and more.

Using Neuro Emotional Coaching®, I will assist you with identifying and removing physical, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks in your energy field, which in turn will assist your body to heal itself. The results are often mind-blowing and in many cases, life changing.

Weight Loss

Implementing the changes needed to achieve sustainable weight loss success can seem like an easy thing to do, but in reality can be surprisingly difficult to sustain. Why?  Simply put, failure is mainly a result of self-sabotage resulting in poor behaviors, or an emotional misalignment with the desired state of wanting to lose weight.  Let’s take a deeper look.  Losing weight is always about increasing the use of calories while decreasing the intake of calories.  This can happen through exercise, diets, sleeping more, supplements all geared at increasing your metabolism, and other methods.  While this formula works temporarily, it is usually not sustainable, and often, the secret to losing weight–your emotional alignment with your goal—is missed.

In many cases you will not reach your goal because you are not consciously (or not so consciously) aligned with losing weight or … (name your goal).  Your brain says one thing but your body, heart or survival brain (the flight, fright or freeze response) says something else.  With NEC®, you can easily achieve congruence or alignment which will set you up on the road to success.


The same principle that applies to weight loss applies to having a baby.  While the joys are often outweighing your fears, there are fears of bringing a child into the world.  This is natural and common.  NEC® can quickly explore your emotional reality around becoming pregnant and bringing a child into this world.  It can also enhance any other treatment that you are using such as acupuncture, fertility treatments, etc.

With NEC® we can look at every part of the process that leads to a successful pregnancy.  We know that the female menstrual cycle is a complicated interaction of hormonal messages that are under the control of the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Ovarian axis. Dysfunction in this axis can lead to anovulation and infertility. Stress has the potential to produce such dysfunction.  Dysfunction can have many causes.  Looking at the emotionality around it can lead to great physical improvements which will often result in a pregnancy.

Check out this study on how NET helped support women’s ovulation cycles in reducing stress.

Food Sensitivities

NEC® works phenomenally well with food sensitivities.  I use muscle testing to determine your body’s reaction to anything you eat, drink, breathe or come in contact with. In addition, I can test if you are sensitive to electromagnetic frequencies.  Once sensitivities have been determined, we can identify and eliminate any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual blocks to wellness.

I can test to find out what substances (food, liquid and environmental) you need to avoid and also look to see whether the organs/meridians are blocked.  Anything can be checked with a simple muscle test, and if it tests as having a block or misalignment, I will use NEC® to realign it.

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