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Performance/Professional Development ?>

Performance/Professional Development

Performance/Professional Development

In today’s society, performance is still to be considered to be one of the main drivers.  We all love to win and we all love to cheer for the winners.  And while the concept of winning seems simple and we usually know what to do to perform well, we sometimes we wake up in a fog of negativity. We might be blue, anxious, overwhelmed, out of sync or angry. The list of possibilities and ways to describe a feeling that is “out of sorts” is extensive and may be different for each one of us. But in the end, it often leads to procrastination, self-doubt, self-judgment and eventually under-performing.  If this is an occasional problem, no worries, but if this is a reoccurring event, you may want to consider doing something about it before it is too late.

In my experience, there are three kinds of performance issues (assuming that this is an issue that you are responsible for):

  1. You want to perform better (personally or professionally) and know that there is something (a fear or mismatched value) that is  blocking you.
  2. You are a chronic under-performer and are about to get kicked off the team.
  3. You got in trouble already – you got kicked off the team or lost your job and want to make sure that this won’t happen again.

In any case, our secret to having you be a stellar performer is to explore ways in which personal associations can limit professional aspirations. In other words, an emotional trigger you may not even know exists, is keeping you from achieving your goals at work or at the gym.  We assist you in identifying those elusive connections and neutralize your emotional responses – so that you not only want to achieve your goal, but you are actually ready, willing and able to do it.

So whether you are a salesperson, athlete or someone who wants to advance their career – wherever you want greater performance, Barbara can help you rewire yourself with Neuro Emotional Coaching® and get you to a place where you can be proud of your accomplishments.

Are you interested? Contact us to learn more or to book an introductory session.  Barbara coaches in person, on the phone or via Skype.