Relationships – The Possibility of an Amazing Life
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Relationships are one of the more complex topics in coaching, as they usually bring great joy as well as pain to our lives. Having grown up in a somewhat dysfunctional family myself, I personally understand how complicated and complex relationships are. I have spent many years working on my relationships with my parents and I am proud to say that I feel good about my relationship with them today.

Relationship Coaching deals with many different kinds of relationships.  Its goal is to improve the relationship that you have with yourself while changing the relationship that you have with others. It assumes that you are basically healthy, powerful, able to reflect upon yourself, being clear about what you want and making effective choices to get what you want.

Just as with anything else in life, we can only be in, or attract, a healthy and loving relationship when we are in alignment (physically, emotionally, mentally and perhaps spiritually) with our goals and when our internal voices and vision are positive and self-affirming. Most of us grew up with less-than-perfect role models, so our realities and experiences of what a “normal and healthy” relationship looks like are distorted.

Whether you are ready to be at peace with your parents, let go of an old lover or find the love of your life, I can assist you with healing the wounds of the past and help you to create new healthy and loving relationships. Once you achieve the necessary clarity, the choices and opportunities needed to be successful will easily present themselves in amazing ways!

The possibilities for Relationship Coaching are infinite but below are some of the most common goals people have in the area of “personal” relationships.

Finding the Love of Your Life 

  • Identification of your goals and needs
  • Clarifying your vision, requirements, needs, and wants
  • Developing a profile of your desired life partner
  • Developing a “Relationship Plan” to manifest/attract your life partner
  • Where and how to meet potential life partners
  • Becoming ready for a committed relationship
  • Effectively meeting people, developing networks, sorting
  • Staying on track with your Relationship Plan

Pre-Commitment Coaching

  • Becoming clear about whether this relationship is right for you
  • Getting a reality check, being accountable to what you want
  • Developing strategies for testing, decision-making
  • Addressing emotional and compatibility issues

Couples Coaching

  • Getting a committed relationship off to a good start
  • Effective communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Discovering and overcoming issues and obstacles around functional needs, such as parenting, domestic responsibilities, finances, etc.
  • Identifying and negotiating mutual wants, needs, and goals

In today’s world, meeting people can be easier than ever. There are many alternatives for singles such as the Internet, dating services, singles groups, and personal ads.  However, finding the right relationship can be elusive and emotionally costly. A committed relationship is unique and complex. Having a fulfilling life partnership is a quest that can be very challenging!

Want to give this a try? Contact us to learn more or to book an introductory session.  Barbara coaches in person, on the phone or via Skype.