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I have been an executive coach for over ten years and I consider Barbara Schwarck a “coach’s coach.” Barbara’s unique use of coaching and NEC is a tremendously powerful way to create breakthroughs quickly, both personally and professionally.  Leadership requires the ability to be both a mentor and a facilitator and Barbara’s method enables you to develop those leadership traits in a way that moves you toward your goals faster and with more confidence. —  Dick Singer, Vistage

Without question, NEC was a major factor in helping me “get my game back.” It really helped me to regain my confidence and put to bed some demons that I didn’t even know existed. — Matt Caiazza, Senior Consultant, The Meridian Group

Barbara Schwarck can help you get results in your professional as well as in your personal life. She is an expert coach and an expert in Neuro Emotional Coaching (NEC). Quite simply, she can eliminate the things that are blocking your pathway to success. Don’t ask me how it works . . . just know that it works! If you want to have results in your life, Barbara will not only help you to get there, but she will get you there more quickly. — David Goldman, Communication & Attitude Coach, Owner, The Goldman Organization

I’ve been driven, even since childhood, to be the best. Initially successful in a competitive corporate environment and then launching a consulting business, it never occurred to me that I needed a coach. After one session with Barbara, I realized how much faster I would achieve my goals if I enlisted her as my coach. We targeted a specific block in me, and then Barbara used a combination of NEC. Within days, I had evidence that the block no longer existed. Every area of my life is improved as a result of working with Barbara. —  Jonna L. Martin, President, Advance Me, Rochester, NY

Barbara’s work is fresh and amazingly efficient…her skill with NEC and inspired insights set her apart in the “going-below-the-surface” department. My results have been both immediate and cumulative…and remarkably liberating.
Jean Wood, Vice President, MHI Real Estate Development, Bend, Oregon

I’m impressed with how quickly and easily fears, concerns and emotional blocks are released using the NEC technique with Barbara. When she helps me clear emotionally-charged issues, I immediately feel neutral about the situation and the emotions don’t resurface. The beauty of NEC is you can address an issue in one session and realize peace right away. I let go of beliefs and expectations, which allows the flow of the universe to work in my life. And, the flow produces rewards greater than any I could imagine. —  Kathy Grubb, Creative Consultant

Thank you for the NEC experience. It has been nothing short of amazing as I watched energies shift and situations that were at a standstill take direction. I am grateful for the time we worked together and the kindness you have shown.
S. Allen

Thank you for your help! I believe NEC has been a very important tool for me at a critical time in my life and have highly recommended it to many. I’ve measured its success by the extremely positive feedback I have received from many of those around me and also by my increased ability to face some difficult challenges while redefining and staying true to my current values. —  James Lewis

Barbara helped me quickly identify and remove barriers that held me back. Her blend of coach training and NEC helped me cut to the chase. We co-created a plan for advancing to my goals. Clear Intentions is aptly named–you will achieve clarity when you work with Barbara. She’s big on accountability–you won’t get out of her office without committing to specific action steps. That’s what I call results!
Maureen Murray, Speaker, Trainer, Coach, Maureen Murray Associates

For years, I bought self-help and psychology books in an effort to figure out what was holding me back personally and professionally. Sadness and depression were a constant part of my life. In a short period of time, working with Barbara and NEC, I overcame obstacles I did not even know existed. I now experience self-confidence, self-knowledge, inner strength, and creativity such that I know there is nothing I truly want that I cannot achieve. The sadness and depression are gone. Barbara and NET helped to change my life quickly and powerfully.  —  Constance Walden, Financial Consultant, Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana

Working with Barbara and benefiting from NEC, I realized I needed to restructure my business. It has enabled me to focus on work I find more fulfilling and in line with my life’s purpose. I am happier, less stressed, and it appears I’ll be earning more income, too.  —  Chris Posti, President, Posti & Associates

I have known Barbara for more than ten years.  I worked with her on relationships within my family, and my tendency to become overly-responsible within those relationships.  Barbara’s work with me has helped bring healing on some issues held deeply in my consciousness. She creates a safe and centered environment, is brightly intuitive, heart-centered in her approach, and wonderfully articulate. Barbara is gifted in her creative and expansive perspective, offering a much broader view in areas of challenge than I am accustomed to seeing on my own. Sharron Walker, Vice President, International Diversified Products, Los Angeles, CA

Barbara Schwarck has helped me at times in my life when I was blocked from moving forward.  She gave me the input and tools that I needed to move forward and make decisions; hence this freed me up to embrace change.
Patti McCully, Boca Raton, FL

Mental jungles are easier to navigate with a machete to cut and clear what stands in your way. Barbara helped me open the pathways to a satisfying career, better friendships, improved time management and order. I now have new strengths and skills for living. My self-knowledge and confidence have increased. With Barbara, I experienced a powerful jump start and have a joy factor that motivates me to do more and be more.  —  Mary Ellen Sullivan, VP of Residential and Commercial Lending, Good Deeds, Inc.

Barbara Schwarck has been instrumental in my process of discovering what I really want. In addition to getting clear on what I want, Barbara has been giving me the support, encouragement and discipline it takes to manifest my dreams. Barbara has the innate ability to coach people. It is simply part of who she is. Barbara has the perfect blend of compassion, empathy, determination, persistence and humor to approach whatever issue I am facing with candor and enthusiasm. She acts like a mirror to my inner self. She helps bring the real E.K. out into the world. I had been struggling with my work even though I knew it was a great fit for me professionally and spiritually. The only problem was the money I was making. Barbara helped me make my situation into a WIN! Instead of running off to a meaningless job and not taking a stand for my values and abilities, Barbara coached me to make this situation work for me. Within the first month of our working together, Barbara helped me negotiate a significant pay raise and turn my work environment into a real WIN for me, my coworkers and our patients.  —  E.K., Chiropractic Assistant & Reiki Master Practitioner

Barbara was very helpful in providing guidance about the practical aspects of pursuing my career, designing an appealing resume, approaches to interviews, etc.  She was effective in dealing with that level of concern, but the most significant aspect of my work with Barbara was that I was able to release inner blocks that had stood in my way all my life.  Together, we called forth the Spirit necessary for me to move forward in my life.  —  Henry H. Hallett, MSW, Pittsburgh, PA

Barbara helped me identify patterns of behavior that were stopping me from fully enjoying my life and relationships.  She gave me the tools to work through the issues and be more aware of what I need to be happy and fulfilled.  Making life choices is much easier now.  —  Jane Stockhausen, Client Support Manager, YWCA

I half jokingly say that Barbara saved my life. Having hit an all time low in my career, finding myself in a vicious circle of being overworked, overwhelmed, worn down, not delivering, losing self-confidence, working harder to regain my grounds etc., Barbara proved to be the just what I needed. Through a combination of coaching conversations, NEC® (a truly amazing experience!) and her gentle pushing at the right times I surfaced again, not just to my ‘old normal’ self but to a new and stronger me. More importantly, Barbara has equipped me with the insights and courage to prevent me from ever landing??in the same situation again.
Malene V, Maersk, Kopenhagen, Denmark

Working with Barbara helped me put the finishing touches on healing my long held anger and resentment toward my mother.  Because of the significant impact my work with Barbara had, I am now the loving and caring daughter I always wanted to be.  My mother and I are finally enjoying the kind of relationship that previously we only dreamed was possible.  Thank you, Barbara!  —  Bonnie J. Hassan, LSW, RMT, Energy Healer

Barbara encouraged me, in a very comfortable way, to stretch and explore beyond the obvious.  I loved it that when I was heading into a dead end, Barbara was able to help me find new perspectives, usually never before considered.  What worked – that I didn’t have to explain my viewpoints, that she understood a lot about where I am.  I liked having Barbara for a coach because of her background in spirituality and the fact she employs that in her coaching. Great listener.  Wouldn’t let me settle for less – encouraged reaching beyond where I am.  —  Susan Wolcott, MS, Owner, Y2Knit, Fairfax, VA

Barbara helped me see interesting new paths I could take in my professional life — new directions that are natural outgrowths of the work I have been doing for years.
Tina Calabro, Freelance Writer/Editor

Identifying goals, making plans to achieve them and addressing my important life issues that had lingered unresolved for years were among the top areas I worked on with Barbara.  She is an active listener and like all coaches, whether in life, business or sports, she pushed me to reach farther than I thought possible.
Laura Fennimore, BN, MSN, Director Organizational Development, Nursing Education & Research, UPMC Presbyterian

To say that meeting and working with Barbara has changed my life is an understatement. Not only is she a beautiful enlightened soul on her own, the knowledge and insight she has to heal is outstanding.  Barbara has made one of the biggest and most profound differences in my life. Thank you Barbara… I appreciate all that you stand for!
Christine Goodis, Owner, Salon Christine

I was first introduced to Barbara Schwarck’s work on muscle memory as I was planning my hike up Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. My hope was that Dr. Schwarck might address my fear of heights which can leave me weak-kneed when facing sharp drops. I was not sure what I would face on the 9-day climb, but chances are there would be some precarious situations. Though I must admit Dr. Schwarck’s work is beyond my comprehension, I am happy to report that when faced with a day of hand-to-hand climbing up a 850-footsteep wall, I did not face the familiar sensation of fear physically or mentally. Her guidance in setting a new focus to memory and thought and the assurance of my guides that I could achieve this feat enabled me to scale this wall. I did make it to the top of Kilimanjaro – over 19,200 feet high. Thank you Barbara for being part of my success story.  —  Frances Todd Stewart, Pittsburgh, Pa.

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